The advantages of the mobile aquatic classroom

  • Accessible to any region: it can be transported (with all or part of its water volume) on all kinds of roads without any special authorised permits.
  • Economically profitable: its price is not comparable to that of a traditional swimming pool. Moreover, several communities or town districts can benefit when sharing the purchase cost.
  • Practical: expenses are avoided, as are risks and lost time related to bus transport for children.
  • Modest dimensions: it can easily be parked on a school yard, on a parking lot or community grounds.
  • Economical and efficient: the operation costs are extremely low thanks to its independent power supply. Its installation is quick and easy and generates revenues.
  • Thanks to its adjustable floor, it enables:
    – a session to focus on eliminating all anxiety – including water phobia – suitable for children and adults.
    – the instruction of different swimming styles with the appropriate equipment.
    – the practice of aquatic sports, such as aqua gym, etc.
    – an awareness programme to outline the usual risks linked to water, as well as first-aid emergency workshops.

An innovative educational tool

Since a few years, some countries like Switzerland and France, have developed and put into practice swimming teaching programs based on getting first acquainted with water before learning the strokes.

With the swimming pool truck being equipped with an adjustable floor and other specific equipment, Aqwa Itineris optimises through these additions an efficient teaching process.

The adjustable floor, a considerable advantage

The pool is equipped with a double adjustable floor, which constitutes a considerable advantage to facilitate educational efficiency and familiarisation with water. It can be positioned to adopt any water depth, and gradually change in a lesson according to the pupils’ level and the teaching needs.

The instructor’s position

The water surface has been purposely positioned 60 cm above the floor surrounding the pool, where the instructor stands. This enables the instructor to be very close to his pupils, without bending or entering into the water.

Moreover, the pool width (2m) is also a proximity factor with the pupils, which considerably raises their confidence and safety.

An environment favouring discipline

The pool dimensions create a true «aquatic classroom». With only a few pupils at a time, the familiarity, the tranquility and warmth generate a feeling of safety for the child and promotes listening and discipline.

These working conditions act an invaluable advantage for the instructor.